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Our Children’s Medicine (Kiinago Biinoogi Muskkiki in Ojibway) a social enterprise created in 2014 with the mandate of assisting Indigenous job seekers achieve sustainable employment within the Canadian job market.

In 2017 Our Children’s Medicine began a partnership with HigherMe, an American based, Canadian created, for-profit business designed to help employers source and retain amazing entry-level employees.


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We connect our job seekers
with industry professionals who can help.

HigherMe takes the emphasis off resumes,
and focuses personality and work ethic.

HigherMe helps youth highlight their lived
experiences and expertise.

HigherMe helps youth build relevant skills
and experience that can lead to a career.

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Ready to let your personality and work ethic do the talking? Learn more about how you can use HigherMe platform in your job search!

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Interested to learn how your business can access and source from a high quality talent pool? Find out how you can use HigherMe!

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Are you an agency looking to provide more employment opportunities to their network? Get in touch with Our Children’s Medicine!

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A job search platform that focuses on applicants’ personality and work ethic instead of traditional resumes.

Learn about how your business can partner with HigherMe in order to find better talent for your team. Simply let us know about the job position that you are hiring for, and we’ll work with you to build a custom application form.

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