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HigherMe is a job platform changing the way we apply for jobs. The platform takes the emphasis off the traditional resume and focuses on matching applicants’ personalities and skills gained through lived experiences with job opportunities. 

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Platform Features

Text to Apply

Text “OCM” to 647-556-6220 to apply for jobs directly from your phone.

Mobile Friendly

Not only is HigherMe optimized for mobile devices, it was originally designed for them. Access to desktop internet is not required to apply for jobs.

Applicant Nurturing

Our OCM by HigherMe Agency Platform allows job developers and agency partners to track their clients’ applications, offering advice on how to strengthen their profile. 

Video Cover Letter

Applicants can create an optional video cover letter to showcase their personality.


Personality Driven

HigherMe’s assessment process emphasizes skills and lived experiences over formal work experience and education. Each applicant is given a Match Score based on their answers to the assessment, allowing employers to see at a glance who has a strong fit with the job requirements.

The Talent Pool

If you weren’t successful landing a position, don’t be discouraged because new opportunities are added often. Your profile is in the Talent Pool, so employers can consider you for roles you haven’t applied to. Make sure your contact information is up to date, and employers may reach out.