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Looking for Employment?

We can help! HigherMe is coming to Canada! HigherMe is an online job hiring platform that is revolutionizing the way we apply for jobs. It takes the emphasis off the traditional resume and focuses on matching applicants personalities and work habits with relevant career-related jobs.

Text to Apply

We have a text to apply feature that will send a link to the application directly to your phone. Furthermore, you can text your availability to help set up interviews.

Mobile Friendly

Our team realizes that phones are capable of doing everything now. Not only is HigherMe optimized for mobile devices, it was originally designed for them.

Applicant Nurturing

Our community connectors are determined to give each applicant the best chance of attaining employment. They track applications that are started but not finished and will work directly with you if you have any questions or need help. For contact information visit the Contact Us page.

Video Cover Letter

Applicants are given the opportunity to create a video cover letter if they want. This gives employers a chance to better get to know the applicant before meeting. We encourage applicants to leverage this revolutionary feature as it can be a way to differentiate your application.


Personality Driven

HigherMe takes the emphasis off the traditional resume and focuses on matching applicants with the right jobs. Each applicant is given a match percentage when they complete an application that the employer can use to assess their fit for the position.

Remain in the Talent Pool

If you weren’t successful landing a position, don’t be discouraged! There are new opportunities being added frequently. We’ll also add you to our Talent Pool so that employers can review your account without you even having to apply. Make sure to keep checking your inbox and ensure your information is up to date.

If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us – josh.hellyer@ourchildrensmedicine.com