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Our Story

Our Children’s Medicine (OCM) is a social enterprise created in 2014 with the mandate of assisting Indigenous job seekers achieve sustainable employment within the Canadian job market. In 2017 Our Children’s Medicine began a partnership with HigherMe, an American based, Canadian created, for-profit business designed to help employers source and retain amazing entry-level employees. 

With a Canadian Youth Unemployment rate of 16% and an Indigenous youth unemployment rate of 24% the current recruitment model does not work. Our Children’s Medicine (OCM) realizes that businesses express a desire to engage with the community, but until now, have been unable to connect. OCM strives to close the gap between such businesses and the many youth who want to apply for entry-level positions but face significant barriers.

Barriers Such as:

  • No fixed address
  • Limited Access to desktop internet
  • ‘Application Anxiety’ caused by complicated application software
  • Little or no previous work experience
  • Limited Self confidence
  • Identifying value in lived and cultural experiences and expertise
  • And more…

The traditional hiring process does not take into consideration the systematic regional and economic barriers under-served youth encounter ultimately leading to job seekers self-selecting out of the application process.