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Community Connector Program

A Community Connector is a full-time position hired by Our Children’s Medicine in communities across the country. A Community Connector is an individual with community and business acumen who facilitates relationships between our employer partners, community support entities, and Aboriginal job seekers. The role of our Community Connector is to become ambassadors for our employer partners; learning about the nuanced qualifications of employment opportunities and then delivering that knowledge to the community at a local level. A Community Connector will ensure that our employer partners have brand recognition amongst the Aboriginal community, and that job seekers are participating in proper pre-employment programs and supports to ensurea qualified pipeline of candidates.

Aboriginal Job Seeker Career Markets:

Our Career Markets provide a unique opportunity for Aboriginal job seekers at any level of job readiness to engage with employers and the supports needed to transition into work. Career Markets act as a one-stop shop for job seekers, our doors are open to everyone. We provide one-on-one goals assessment and counseling, onsite resume building and polishing, wardrobe and housing assistance, pre-employment programs, mentorship opportunities, elder encouragement and face-time with human resource managers. Our first Career Market was held on October 8, 2015 in Toronto, and was attended by nearly 250 job seekers from around Ontario. Over 100 of those job seekers left the event with their very first resume. We intend on delivering scaled versions of our Career Markets in communities across Canada.

Business Infused Pre-Employment Assessments:

The best way to ensure that job seekers attain the skills necessary to enter specific positions is for employers to help curate pre-employment programs that target the training of critical skills required for specific positions. Our team will work with employer partners and local support infrastructures (including Aboriginal

Agencies, education institutes and skills training agencies) to build pre-employment programs that can be transferred to regions across the country. These programs provide business the opportunity to influence the development of the future workforce and strengthen local talent pipelines.