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The Problem


Canadian Unemployment Rate


Canadian Youth Unemployment Rate

An Unemployment Disparity

There is a significant discrepancy in the amount of unemployed youth ages 15-24 compared to the general population, particularly in youth from under-served communities.

Originally, Our Children’s Medicine had targeted youth from the Indigenous community as the unemployment rate is 24%, triple the general population. Their reach has broadened to other under-served communities as well as the general public.

The Solution

In 2017, Children’s Medicine began a partnership with HigherMe, a American-based, Canadian-created, for profit hiring platform designed to help employees source and retain entry-level employees. HigherMe has seen a lot of success in the US so by introducing it to Canada as a not for profit, it will serve the perfect platform to connect businesses with individuals.

HigherMe is an mobile friendly, online job hiring platform, that offers a scalable solution for linking under-served communities with businesses. Although many businesses express a desire to engage with such communities, they have been unable to connect until now.


Limited Access to Desktop Internet

Little of no previous work experience

‘Application anxiety’ caused by complicated application software

Identifying value in lived and cultural experiences and expertise

Unlike other websites, HigherMe has removed the traditional resume from applications to reduce anxieties. Instead, applicants are given a grade value based on their responses to employer created questions, transposing their lived experiences, personality traits and creative thinking into qualifications for work. They are also given the opportunity to create a video cover letter if they wish.