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What We Do


With a Canadian Youth Unemployment rate of 16% and an Indigenous youth unemployment rate of 24% the current recruitment model does not work. Our Children’s Medicine (OCM) realizes that businesses express a desire to engage with the under-served communities, but until now, have been unable to connect. OCM strives to close the gap between such businesses and the many youth who want to apply for entry-level positions but face significant barriers. The traditional hiring process does not take into consideration the systematic regional and economic barriers under-served youth encounter ultimately leading to job seekers self-selecting out of the application process.


Unlike conventional job hiring websites, we work with our clients directly, nurturing them through the application process. Our Community Connectors help applicants highlight their lived experiences and focus on making sure application are completed and read by recruiters.We encourage applicants to also get involved in local employment and training offices for tools and support.


We train businesses on how to use the software effectively, which allows them to save time and keep a record of all applicants. We help them identify regional entry-level job postings and then break the posting down into digestible multiple choice and short answer questions.


We work with agencies in many ways. Our software provides service agencies with a sophisticated client tracking system. We add their client profiles immediately to the talent pool and from there an automated job matching program helps us identify the best opportunities for each client. As training is provided to clients, their profiles are updated increasing their qualifications for future job postings.