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We are building a Canada where Indigenous and diverse job seekers have the same employment opportunities as all other Canadians.

Since 2014, Our Children's Medicine has worked with community organizations, innovative technology builders and business leaders to rethink how to connect Indigenous job seekers with employment opportunities nation wide.

Incubated under the umbrella of a charity in Toronto, Our Children's Medicine was created with the seemingly simple mandate of connecting Indigenous job seekers with employment opportunities at Canadian businesses.

Through consultation with community and business leaders it became clear that the ‘simple’ undertaking OCM had embarked on was considerably more complex, as the ‘idea’ of connecting job seekers with open opportunities wasn’t enough to drive business to action and make lasting, systemic change.

In 2017 OCM became its own charity and has taken on the mandate of increasing Indigenous representation amongst the Canadian labour force by enacting innovative sourcing technology, heartfelt community development and thoughtful corporate systems change to advance Indigenous and barriered job seekers into the Canadian workforce.

A key component to OCM’s work is to reduce unconscious bias and Indigenize corporate culture in order to attract and retain amazing Indigenous talent.OCM has developed tools (or bundle as we call it) to amplify the voice and talents of Indigenous job seekers during the application, interview and onboarding process.

In addition our bundle contains the key components to enact corporate systems change which will lead to employers sourcing, hiring and retaining remarkable First Nations, Metis and Inuit employees!

As the Indigenous community is roughly 5% of the Canadian population, we believe that every major company in Canada should have at least 5% of their employees identify as First Nations, Metis or Inuit; and OCM can help you achieve that goal!

OCM prides itself on holding business accountable as we work towards achieving a workforce brimming with incredible Indigenous talent, and together putting reconciliation into action.

Since 2017 OCM has helped more than 1,900 Indigenous job seekers achieve employment at over 75 companies across the country. We have a Talent Pool of more than 21,000 job seekers still searching for the perfect job.

OCM was founded by Josh Hellyer and Birch Hill Equity Partners. Birch Hill is OCM's founding national employer partner, sponsor and provides governance and oversight of OCM.